Frequently Asked Question

1. What is Dainsta?
Dainsta is a one stop show for all your custom manufacturing and spare part procurement needs. We are a team of Engineers, Data Scientists and Supply chain experts with over 20 years of experience in Manufacturing. We are here to use that experience to solve all your manufacturing and sourcing problems.
2. What services does Dainsta Provide?

We provide two important services, Manufacturing & Tooling supply and Spare parts procurement. For more info, please check out our services page.

3. How to get an instant quotation for my 3D parts?
Its very simple, just click on the “Get Instant quote” button and add your 3D part drawing by either a simple drag and drop or selection from your device folders. Select the relevent manufacturing type, material, finishes and tolerances and here you get multiple quotation to choose from in just seconds. You can also upload a 2D drawing and some notes if you wish with your 3D models.
4. How to get a quotation if I have a 2D drawing of my part?
No 3D no problem. You can follow the very same process. Click on the “Get instant quote” button and add your 2D files by drag and drop or simply by selecting from your device. You can also upload a bunch of files zipped together. You can select the material, finish, tolerances and other details and you are set. We will register a request for quotation and send you the quote in just a few hours.
5. Can I upload multiple parts for quotation?
Yes you can. Just make sure you select the correct materials, sufrace finish and other details for each part. We will give you individual pricings for each part so you wont have to worry about the price bifurcation.
6. What is an Optimized quotation? How does it work.
Optimized quote is a very interesting feature of Dainsta if you wish to optimize your parts for price, manufacturability and design. Once you request an optimized quote, our highly skilled design engineers will personally take a look at your parts, suggest improvements if required and send you an optimized quotation which can save you further money.
7. Where will I find the optimized quote if i requested for one?

You can go to the “My Quotes” tab where you will see a tab for all your optimized quotes. You will see all of your optimized quotes there. Additionally, you will also get a notification email with your optimized quote.

8. How do I place the order once I get the quote?
When you upload your 3D model, you will get 3 quotations instantly. Depending on how urgently you want to get the part, you can select the most suitable option and click on Proceed to Order. Here you can enter your address and other details and make payment like any other online store. Once your payment is done, your order will get placed and you will get an order notofication. Our manufacturing team will assess your part and send you an order confirmation. Now you can sit back and wait for your parts to be delivered to your doorsteps.
9. How to track the Order once I have made the payment and placed the order?
You can go to the “My Orders” tab where you will find all your orders. For your ease of use, we have created seperate tabs for Open Orders and closed orders. Once you click on the Details button on any order, you will go to the order page where you will get all the information pertaining to that order like order status, communication with Dainsta, delivery documents, invoice, payment details etc.
10. How do I contact the Dainsta team for an order? How do they contact me for any feedback about my design?
We thought of this communication being one of the pain points of our cusotmers and thats why we have introduced a chat option in the order screen where you can easily communicate with the Dainsta team.


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